Following two trips to West Africa in 2016 we identified two of the avoidable public health crisis affecting millions of children across the region continue to persist today;

  • Inhalation of kerosene fumes
  • Malaria

Despite heightened international awareness and the influx of funding to tackle these two problems, the domestic impact of programs that are supposed to provide relief to the at-risk population is lackluster.  The chief culprits we identified are the lack of innovative approach, accountability, transparency and corruption.

Our project goal in 2018 is to work with a coalition of experts on Africa, raise funds, and implement innovative programs that will effectively deliver measurable relief that will alleviate the suffering many of the children continue to face as a result of ineffective public health solutions.

Our coalition of experts will include partners in academia who will work with TWOC on RFP submissions, lend their expertise on the region, serve in the capacity of advisors and trustees, and ensure transparent and accountable program administration.

* This page will be updated by the end of January 2018 with a schedule of TWOC’s RFP schedule.