We are seeking academicians and scholars in US African Study programs who identify with our vision, mission, and project goals for 2018.
Our objectives are clear, simple, and straightforward as we seek to forge partnerships with African experts whose insight will be of tremendous value to administering the innovative programs that are funded by the grants we receive.
Our partners will be integral to our project’s success and can engage with TWOC in a variety of ways:

  1.  Advisory Board
  2. Board of Trustees
  3. Program Coordinator
  4. Program Donor

We have also identified a Sub-Saharan agency with the requirements TWOC seeks for capacity building; WAHO (West African Health Organization). TWOC Program Coordinators will work closely with WAHO to ensure the relief delivered to the region is distributed effectively and accounted for with no misappropriations.
* This page will be updated by the end of January 2018 with a schedule of TWOC’s partners.